Oxyion technology, proven anti-viral control against human viruses
Oxyion Control ambiental de almacenaje

Oxyion is state-of-the-art certified technology, that reinforces occupational safety in common areas and in handling and storage of perishable products, through innovative technology that uses air as a vehicle to inactivate contaminating agents.

Neutralizes viruses such as Influenza, Norovirus and others within minutes.
Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella and E. Coli, etc.
Reduces decay and extends shelf-life
Minimizes Ethylene and other harmful VOC’s
FDA preventive control compliant process, registered as chemical-free sanitizer/disinfectant with USDA National Organic Standards and European communion Organic Standards (CAAE)

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How does Oxyion work?

At Oxyion we are pioneers in the utilization of air as a vehicle for continuous sanitation, even during processes for all types of perishable products.

Como funciona Oxyion

Our company

Sustainable and chemical free protection

We are an international company with origin in Chile with more than 20 years of experience in the development of environmental purification systems, oriented to the agro-industrial market.

Thanks to the technology implemented in our systems, we provide an integral service to our customers through sanitizing units that protect the integrity of perishable products via continuous inactivation of pathogens.

An innovative company with a large global presence
United States / Spain (Europe) / Chile / Mexico / Colombia / Peru

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An innovative company with a large global presence

Oxyion Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology allows the stabilization of seven reactive oxygen species more effectively than other outdated alternatives. Oxyion does not use chemicals or leave residues in its action, we are safe for people and products.

Control of bacteria and pathogens

Neutralization of Listeria and Salmonella, E. Coli, virus (Norovirus) among others

Microbiological control

Less mold, fungicidal and fungistatic effect

Ethylene control

Slow down the ripening of vegetables

Reduction of dehydration

Less weight loss, more firmness in plants and vegetables


Our technology and process are certified by the highest regulatory agencies in international markets.

USDA Organic

USDA National Organic Program

Oxyion is approved to the USDA National Organic Standards for use in processing and handling of organic products without restrictions.

Oxyion #2857

EU Organic

EU Organic Program

Oxyion is compatible with the organic production standards defined in the RCE 834/2007 for use as an environmental purifier in storage and transport.

Comparison chart

Oxyion technology provides a safer and proven alternative to protect perishable products with a safe implementation for personnel and installations.

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Protección de alimentos

Protection of food and perishables

Fast and efficient disruption of surface-level bacteria on fresh products.

Efecto fungicida

Fungicidal effect

Microorganisms are neutralized efficiently and cleanly, especially mold, mildew and yeasts.

Retraso de maduración

Ripening Delay

Thanks to the continuous breakdown of the ethylene molecule present in climacteric species.

Control de deshidratación

Dehydration control

A synergistic effect is created in the treated area, for the closing of stomata in certain plant structures.

Application areas

Frutas y vegetales

Fruits and Vegetables

Comprehensive sanitation to reinforce food safety and reduce post-harvest problems during handling, processing and prior to transport.

Where to apply Oxyion?

- Product storage and handling areas
- Process and handling rooms
- Distribution centers
- Refrigerated transport (trucks and containers)

Control of Norovirus up to 99% in 2 hours.

Procesos de alimentos

Food Process

Oxyion produces biosecure environments to ensure the quality and safety of food.

Where to apply Oxyion?

- Process and handling rooms
- Raw material hold rooms
- Product preparation, cooking areas and value added processes
- Selection and packaging areas

Control of harmful bacteria such as Listeria and E. Coli in less than 8 hours.

Flowers and Plants

Protection of flower and bulb handling and hold areas, through the constant purification of process environments to control ethylene, mold and powdery mildew.

Where to apply Oxyion?

- Processing and storage areas for plants, flowers and bulbs
- Controlled greenhouse environments
- Common areas with exposed products
- Refrigerated transport (trucks and containers)

Control of up to 90% of mesophilic aerobes, bacteria and possible cause of tamponade in succulent stem flowers.

Wine & Beverage

Oxyion elevates environmental biosecurity in beverage handling and preparation processes, through continuous contaminant inactivation.

Where to apply Oxyion?

- Process and packaging / bottling rooms
- Holding, process and storage of barrels, vats and containers
- Sanitization of corks and accessories

Over 99% control Brettanomyces and 95% reduction of TCA, TCB, TBA & TBP.


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