Oxyion. Clean Air – Biosafe environments

Clean Air. That is what we strive for. At Oxyion, we care about the quality of air people breathe

This is why we have developed a clean, sustainable, chemical-free technology, which uses ambient air itself as an essential element of sanitation.

Our technology is applied every day in over 13 countries, with more than 20,000 solutions, to deliver clean air, free from viruses, bacteria, mold, unpleasant odors, in air-conditioned public spaces/work areas, office buildings, health facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, and passenger transportation, private cars, among other applications.

Welcome to the Clean Air you deserve. Welcome to Oxyion.

IPAM Group

IPAM is a multinational group which manages this technology exclusively in the Americas and Europe under 2 brands: Oxyion and Airlife. Together these brands are focused in the biosecurity of areas in the real-estate, industrial, automobile, and people transportation sectors; as well as biosecurity and food safety solutions for the food and agribusiness sector.

IPAM Group has presence in over 13 countries of America and Europe, where it has a network of subsidiaries in: Chile, the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala y Puerto Rico.

One technology, two brands, hundreds of validations

The technology developed by IPAM Group – used by Oxyion and Airlife- is completely harmless to people and the environment. It neutralizes up to 99.9% of various organic-based virus, bacterias, germs and odors, is chemical-free, and leaves no residues – as it uses the oxygen in ambient air as a basic element for sanitation.

The Oxyion technology has been certified in terms of results, design and manufacturing by over 40 international studies, including: microbiological studies carried out by Food Safety & Process Technology (USA), Cesmec (Chile), Ainia (Spain), Intertek (Inlt.) and the Certification of the European Community EU, for being in compliance with all safety standards. Also Oxyion, has the scientific basis that proves its technology eliminates up to 99,9% of human viruses such as the Influenza AH1N1 virus among others.